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The SAM Machine is compliant with all rules & regulations. The easy-to-use back office dashboard makes it simple for owners to see everything they need in real time. If banking issues ruined your check cashing business, The SAM Machine is the solution.

Security & Cash Handling

Security and cash handling is a main concern with traditional check cashing. How do you prevent honest mistakes from happening when employees are handling thousands of dollars each day? How do you securely keep large amounts of cash on hand? The SAM Machine is the only solution. Each machine is secured with two interior vaults & is bolted to the ground. We'll even coordinate a cash loading service for you if you'd prefer not to load the machine yourself.

Corporate/Employee Buy-in

Employees love The SAM Machine because it eliminates the stress of having to manually verify a check AND the inevitable confrontation with unhappy customers when you can't. No more rejecting good checks because you can't verify them. The SAM Machine handles it all.

Service Desk Bottlenecks

The SAM Machine eliminates the huge bottleneck that you experience at customer service counters on Thursdays and Fridays – peak times. We continue to operate efficiently on the front end so your employees can focus on whats important; helping your customers.

Foot Traffic

Check cashers are the most loyal customers there are because you connect them to their cash each week. The SAM Machine has over 80,000 happy customers nationwide with over 2,000 verified payors in its system. On average each customer spends $25-30 in-store after cashing their check. Over 70 million dollars have been cashed through SAM Machines since 2019. The SAM Machine is a no-brainer for c-store and grocery store owners alike.


SAM Machines are not distributed like ATM's. Each SAM Machine has its own exclusive territory in which another machine cannot be placed. This is to ensure our retail partners success. First-come first-served nationwide.

100% No Fraud Guarantee

All checks cashed through a SAM Machine are gauranteed to the owner/retailer. Even if a bad check slips through both our system and our team of experienced check cashers, we reimburse you (the owner/retailer) the full amount + any fees collected.